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Covid - 19 Update

Currently with covid-19 we are operating under reduced days and hours. We take every effort to clean and disinfect all high touch surfaces.


Authorized Enagic Sales and Service For the Northwest U.S.



Call or drop in and find out how you can have the healthiest drinking, cleaning and disinfecting waters in your home. We have systems to fit all budgets.

EZ Financing is available.


We are currently looking for sales associates to join our team. Call for more info 


Protect your investment using the E-Cleaner® system that came with your machine 1-2 times per month depending on hard or soft water.  This will clean minor mineral deposits from your electrolysis plates.

Have us do a deep cleaning service every 1-1.5 years, usually when you replace your filter depending again on water quality.

Schedule your deep clean today!

pureAir 3000 Whole Home Purifier

One of the most advanced whole-house air purification systems on the market. Incorporating photo catalytic oxidation technology, high level negative ionization, safe levels of ozone, and electrostatic filtration, the pureAir 3000 reduces particles and inactivates microbes thus providing a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your family.

Kangen Water Systems by Enagic ®

Not just any water, Kangen Water® is ionized through electrolysis making it superior to other waters for maximum hydration. Most bottled waters are void of natural mineral content after their filtration process as well as having an acidic pH. Many tap waters from municipal sources have been found to contain in some cases over 300 different contaminants.

Clearlight Infrared Saunas by Jacuzzi ®

Superior craftsmanship and our True Wave™ heating technology that gives you full spectrum infrared throughout your entire sauna session! Our Clearlight Sanctuary® saunas are made with the highest quality Eco-certified grade “A” cedar wood or basswood. This unbeatable combination makes the Clearlight Sanctuary® sauna the sauna of choice.

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